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Year C (2012-2013)
Bible Book:1 Kings / 1 Konings
Chapter: 17
Verse: – 24

When I have the responsibility of writing the reflection, I normally study the text, read a number of commentaries and sermon guidelines; I study the writings of different wise people and then write what I hear. Sometimes one voice is so strong, that it just silence all other voices.

So rather than trying to re-write this message, I am taking the liberty of re-quoting: “God’s care for those who are weak, poor, threatened and dying shouts from the passages this week. And God’s offer of God’s resources to address the challenges of these ‘least’ is equally clear. It is too easy to turn the work of justice and compassion into a kind of ‘slightly sanctified social work’. But even ‘social justice Christians’ need to recognise the Presence and availability of God and God’s Spirit to guide and empower both our work and the lives of those we seek to serve. So, a significant part of our serving and healing the world is to call leaders, influencers and carers back to vibrant spirituality and to ensuring that as they serve, they also enable others to find a faith that is authentic and alive for them.

Simultaneously, though, we are also called to challenge those who are “too heavenly minded to be any earthly good” to engage with the real, social issues of our day, ensuring that our faith is practical, connected and life-giving – effectively a channel for God’s grace and provision to reach others through us. When spirituality, social justice, politics, economics, and community development all work together, the result is a powerful, life-giving, healing and uplifting presence in the world – which is no less than a manifestation of God’s presence and Reign.” And then in the last section, called “Local Application” in Sacredise, I find the question that I would like to reflect on:

To Think About: “What might it mean for your church to seek to encounter God authentically, to serve one another and your community with a visible dependence on God, and to build your life together around a true marriage
of worship and missions.”

Practical Suggestion: Many organisations and healthcare professionals share a concern that the focus on health and health issues such as HIV in the international arena is diminishing. Faith communities share this concern, and is also concerned that this is happening within the World Council of Churches. If you are concerned about faith and health.

Adapted from Sacredise

Author: van Rooyen L (Ms)
Language: English

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