• CABSA’s vision is
    Caring Christian communities that are able to bring new life and hope in the areas of health, wellbeing and equality in a world affected by HIV.
  • CABSA trains and motivates
    faith leaders, community leaders, marginalised communities and churches to respond to the HIV epidemic
  • The CABSA Churches, Channels of Hope programme offers tools to help churches and communities respond to the needs created by HIV and AIDS. These tools include this facilitators training, that equips participants to run two or three day CABSA Churches, Channels of Hope workshops in their communities.
  • The purpose of this training is to equip Peer Educators and Community workers with a thorough understanding of the most essential HIV and AIDS related facts and topics. This training includes an element of assessment and participants will be assisted and coached to also share HIV related information with others.
  • CABSA and CHABAHIVA are equipping a group of farm workers as peer educators in a multi-year programme in selected districts in the Western Cape.

Bible Mesagges


Anneleh Fourie-le Roux
Email: management@cabsa.org.za
Contact number: 021 864 8256

Meloney Goliath
Email: admin@cabsa.org.za
Contact number: 021 864 8249

Clive Swartz
Email: ccoh@cabsa.org.za
Contact number: 021 864 8240


Bible BookChapterVerseVerse (to)TitleLanguage
Praying in Durban for the International AIDS ConferenceEnglish
2116Finding solutions, comfort and hopeEnglish
13154Conquer Fear with FaithEnglish
Partnering with GodEnglish
14112Only the Lord has the Right to JudgeEnglish
72430The Time of “Children and Dogs” has PassedEnglish
123240A "Simple" ChallengeEnglish
6114Today this Scripture is Fulfilled in your HearingEnglish
1 Corinthians11825Weakness: God’s Sign to PowerEnglish
1 Corinthians2112We are Blessed with Hidden MysteriesEnglish
1 Corinthians319Reconcile With Each Other For the Sake of God’s KingdomEnglish
1 Corinthians / 1 Korintiers8113Knowledge Without Love Cannot Build UpEnglish
1 Corinthians / 1 Korintiers11825Jesus Who Was Crucified is the Christ.English
1 Corinthians / 1 Korintiers121226Unity Amongst Christians is Like a Safe HavenEnglish
1 Corinthians / 1 Korintiers151926The Foundation of Our Hope is That Christ is RisenEnglish
1 Corinthians / 1 Korintiers10113Straf van God?Afrikaans
1 Corinthians / 1 Korintiers151926Ons Hoop is op Christus se Opstanding GegrondAfrikaans
1 Corinthians / 1 Korintiers121226Eenheid Tussen Christene is Soos 'n Veilige HaweAfrikaans
1 Corinthians / 1 Korintiers121230We are the Body of ChristEnglish
1 Corinthians / 1 Korintiers10120Don't be Over-confidentEnglish
1 Corinthians / 1 Korintiers119God Se Genade Is Die Basis Van Ons VerhoudingeAfrikaans
1 Corinthians / 1 Korintiers119God’s Grace Is The Foundation Of Our RelationshipsEnglish
1 John / 1 Johannes110Follow God’s Lead - Lead A Life Worth LivingEnglish
1 John / 1 Johannes31424Love Gives LifeEnglish
1 John / 1 Johannes5114Geloof Wat Laat Lewe en Wat TroosAfrikaans
1 John / 1 Johannes31624When I genuinely care...English
1 John / 1 Johannes31424Liefde Gee LeweAfrikaans
1 John / 1 Johannes112Christ, The Reconciliation for Our Sins.English
1 John / 1 Johannes112Christus die Versoening Vir Ons SondeAfrikaans
1 John / 1 Johannes310Love Conquers AllEnglish
1 Kings / 1 Konings171724The Widows and their Dead SonsEnglish
1 Kings / 1 Konings19115Deflating DepressionEnglish
1 Kings / 1 Konings19118We Cannot Do It On Our OwnEnglish
1 Kings / 1 Konings17824The God of History is the God of IndividualsEnglish
1 Kings / 1 Konings17824Die God van die Geskiedenis is die God van Gewone MenseAfrikaans
1 Kings / 1 Konings19118Ons Kan Dit Nie Alleen Doen NieAfrikaans
1 Kings / 1 Konings3415Prayer For a Changed HeartEnglish
1 Kings / 1 Konings3415Gebed Vir 'n Hart Wat Verander isAfrikaans
1 Peter21925Silence = DeathEnglish
1 Peter / 1 Petrus21717Treat Everyone you Meet with DignityAfrikaans
1 Peter / 1 Petrus11723Té Kosbaar om Mee te DoenAfrikaans
1 Peter / 1 Petrus139Hope EncouragesEnglish
1 Peter / 1 Petrus2210Looked Down On By The World, But Precious To GodEnglish
1 Peter / 1 Petrus139Hoop BemoedigAfrikaans
1 Peter / 1 Petrus2210Geminag Deur Die Wêreld, Maar Kosbaar Vir GodAfrikaans
1 Peter / 1 Petrus11723Too Valuable to do the Accepted ThingEnglish
1 Peter / 1 Petrus21925Ons Leiding en Jesus se VoorbeeldAfrikaans
1 Peter / 1 Petrus21925Our Suffering and Jesus’ ExampleEnglish
1 Peter / 1 Petrus41214Because Of HopeEnglish
1 Peter / 1 Petrus21021God is Well Pleased With His Obedient ChildrenEnglish
2 Peter11621Speaking With EvidenceEnglish
2 Peter / 2 Petrus21021God het `n Behae in Sy Gehoorsame KindersAfrikaans
2 Peter / 2 Petrus138Being a Good NeighbourEnglish
2 Samuel11727God’s Larger PlanEnglish
2 Samuel5110Wait for the right timeEnglish
2 Samuel11250Veroordeling en StigmaAfrikaans
2 Samuel18533Gevolge van Sonde?Afrikaans
2 Samuel7114We are called to act with Prophetic Leadership to promote women human rightsEnglish
2 Samuel11727Lamenting The Loss of So Many LivesEnglish
2 Samuel11115Private and public abuseEnglish
2 Samuel11727Beklaag die Verlies van Soveel LewensAfrikaans
2 Samuel111226Excuses or Contrition?English
2 Samuel18533How will You Respond?English
2 Samuel11127King David Rapes Bathsheba... (The Headline that Never Was).English
2 Samuel13120Silence and Gender-based ViolenceEnglish
2 Thessalonians / 2 Tessalonisense2117Good Deeds and WordsEnglish
2 Thessalonians / 2 Tessalonisense2117Goeie Dade en WoordeAfrikaans
2 Thessalonians / 2 Tessalonisense3613The one who is unwilling to work shall not eatEnglish
2 Timothy / 2 Timoteus1114Yesterday, Today, Forever…English
2 Timothy / 2 Timoteus1114Gister, Vandag, vir Altyd....…Afrikaans
2 Timothy / 2 Timoteus2810The Message of Jesus Christ Cannot be Stifled…English
2 Timothy / 2 Timoteus2810Die Boodskap van Jesus Christus Kan Nie Ingeperk Word NieAfrikaans
2 Timothy / 2 Timoteus6210Vergenoegdheid in Moeilike TyeAfrikaans
Acts (of the Apostles)111Return from the hill of religion to a lived faithEnglish
Acts (of the Apostles)2121The non-discriminatory gift and gifts of the Spirit of GodEnglish
Acts (of the Apostles)43235Living in UnityEnglish
Acts (of the Apostles)82640Where the Excluded are IncludedEnglish
Acts (of the Apostles)2121Spending time together waiting.English
Acts / Handelinge25113Remain Ready and PreparedEnglish
Acts / Handelinge9116Wie Gee Om Vir Die Vyand?Afrikaans
Acts / Handelinge31219The Time between Easter and PentecostEnglish
Acts / Handelinge9116Who Cares For The Enemy?English
Acts / Handelinge4512Scolded for Doing RightEnglish
Acts / Handelinge16915Kom Oor … En Help OnsAfrikaans
Acts / Handelinge92631It’s Your Response that CountsEnglish
Acts / Handelinge11526Die Ampte (Kerk) se Betrokkenheid by 'n Gebroke WêreldAfrikaans
Acts / Handelinge16915Come … And Help UsEnglish
Acts / Handelinge104048An Inclusive ChurchEnglish
Acts / Handelinge82640Van Lees en Verstaan na AksieAfrikaans
Acts / Handelinge103443Die Onwaarskynlike en Onverwagse Genade van PaasfeesAfrikaans
Acts / Handelinge16915Vigs HerdenkingsondagAfrikaans
Acts / Handelinge11118VerwerpingAfrikaans
Acts / Handelinge22232Victory over Apparent DefeatEnglish
Acts / Handelinge23641A Change of HeartEnglish
Acts / Handelinge75560The stone that the builders rejectedEnglish
Acts / Handelinge1917Sharing the Spirit!English
Acts / Handelinge75560The stone that the builders rejectedEnglish
Acts / Handelinge82640From Reading Through Understanding to ActionEnglish
Acts / Handelinge172231Speaking the truth in love and not condemning wins people overEnglish
Acts / Handelinge11526The Offices’ (Church’s) Involvement in a Broken WorldEnglish
Acts / Handelinge103443The Unlikely and Unexpected Grace of EasterEnglish
Acts / Handelinge103443The Unlikely and Unexpected Grace of EasterEnglish
Acts / Handelinge9119From Judgment to Advocacy and ActionEnglish
Acts / Handelinge2121The Spirit that Crosses BoundariesEnglish
Amos5615For JusticeEnglish
Amos7715God’s standard as the measurement of who we are and what we do.English
Amos5616Die Kloof tussen Ryk en ArmAfrikaans
Amos8114Wanneer Kwesbare Mense Vertrap WordAfrikaans
Amos8114When Vulnerable People are Trampled UponEnglish
Amos8112A famine of hearing the words of the LordEnglish
Colossians1114Rumours of Faith, Hope and LoveEnglish
Colossians / Kolossense1114Rescued From The Powers Of DarknessEnglish
Colossians / Kolossense1114Verlos Van Die Magte Van DuisternisAfrikaans
Daniel1213Bang om te HoopAfrikaans
Daniel7914Die Eide van die JaarAfrikaans
Daniel116Hope in the Midst of HIV and AidsEnglish
Deuteronomy / Deuteronomium43240The Lord has Brought Us Thus Far and He Will be With UsEnglish
Deuteronomy / Deuteronomium43240Die Here Het ons Tot Hier Gebring en Sal Ook Verder Met Ons WeesAfrikaans
Deuteronomy / Deuteronomium301520Let Us Together Choose To Live The Life That God Has Given UsEnglish
Deuteronomy / Deuteronomium301520Laat Ons Gesamentlik Die Lewe Wat God Ons Gee, KiesAfrikaans
Deuteronomy / Deuteronomium619RemindersEnglish
Deuteronomy / Deuteronomium26111Dankbaarheid vir ons VerlossingAfrikaans
Deuteronomy / Deuteronomium43240The Lord Has Brought Us Thus Far And He Will Be With Us In Future.English
Deuteronomy / Deuteronomium43240Die Here Het Ons Tot Hier Gebring En Sal Ook Verder Met Ons WeesAfrikaans
Ephesians / Efesiers1314God has Done ItEnglish
Ephesians / Efesiers130God Het Dit Gedoen.Afrikaans
Ephesians / Efesiers5814Bearers of Christ’s Light.English
Ephesians / Efesiers5814Draers van Christus se LigAfrikaans
Ephesians / Efesiers31421The Power of LoveEnglish
Exodus3115The who’s who in HIV interventionEnglish
Exodus / Eksodus3115God Works through Human Instruments to Release the OppressedEnglish
Exodus / Eksodus12112CABSA OordenkingAfrikaans
Exodus / Eksodus12112Passover - A Time of RemembranceEnglish
Exodus / Eksodus1170Die Voedvroue van EgipteAfrikaans
Exodus / Eksodus12151Ons Vader is die God wat VerlosAfrikaans
Exodus / Eksodus342935Die Heerlikheid van GodAfrikaans
Exodus / Eksodus40138Aanbid GodAfrikaans
Exodus / Eksodus2014What More could I have done?English
Exodus / Eksodus12151Our Father is the God who RedeemsEnglish
Exodus / Eksodus20117The Ten Commandments Promise FreedomEnglish
Exodus / Eksodus17117Die Gebeure by Massa en Meriba - WoestyntydAfrikaans
Exodus / Eksodus17117The Events at Massah and Meribah - Desert ExperienceEnglish
Ezekiel37114With wisdom from the Holy SpiritEnglish
Ezekiel / Esegiel37114Speaking and Sharing Words of LifeEnglish
Ezekiel / Esegiel37114Hoop te Midde van HopeloosheidAfrikaans
Ezekiel / Esegiel37113Dry Bones and New HopeEnglish
Ezekiel / Esegiel37113Droë Bene en Nuwe HoopAfrikaans
Ezekiel / Esegiel37114Hope within HopelessnessEnglish
Galatians / Galasiers5130The Words You Speak Become the House You Live In.English
Galatians / Galasiers21121Embracing GraceEnglish
Galatians / Galasiers21121Genade wat OmhelsAfrikaans
Galatians / Galasiers5126Freed By Christ To LoveEnglish
Galatians / Galasiers5126Deur Christus Vrygemaak Om Lief Te HêAfrikaans
Galatians / Galasiers615The Congregation - A New Creation In ChristEnglish
Galatians / Galasiers615Die Gemeente – 'n Nuwe Skepping In ChristusAfrikaans
Genesis1214Vasgeloopte mense in die LydingstydAfrikaans
Genesis40123Wait..and RememberEnglish
Genesis16116Die Belangrikheid van Vroue se MenswaardigheidAfrikaans
Genesis110Patience is not how long I wait but how I behave whilst I am waitingEnglish
Genesis81417Commemoration of International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Sunday and Pentecost Sunday.English
Genesis658God is Benevolently Involved in Humanity’s FailureEnglish
Genesis21824In God's ImageEnglish
Genesis16116The Importance of Women’s DignityEnglish
Genesis9817God is moved between grief and graceEnglish
Genesis40138Worship GodEnglish
Genesis25113Bly (voortdurend) Voorbereid en GereedAfrikaans
Genesis38130Die Gesig van TamarAfrikaans
Genesis38131The Face of Tamar.English
Genesis322231I will not let you go unless you bless me.English
Genesis15118God se GenadeverbondAfrikaans
Genesis3721God Covers Our ShameEnglish
Genesis2121Die Gees wat Grense OorsteekAfrikaans
Genesis21114Honour and HumilityEnglish
Genesis72120Bid vir Vrede en Geregtigheid en Beoefen DitAfrikaans
Genesis5112Bid vir God se SeëningeAfrikaans
Genesis281019Let us rememberEnglish
Genesis41225Lig in die Skemerland van die DoodAfrikaans
Genesis342935Presenting the Speaking GodEnglish
Genesis658God is Deernisvol Betrokke by Mense se MislukkingsAfrikaans
Genesis14157We Focus on Jesus’ Way of the CrossEnglish
Genesis1119Toring van BabelAfrikaans
Genesis39123Gesprek Rondom OnthoudingAfrikaans
Genesis41157Godelike IntervensieAfrikaans
Genesis132430Weeding with Godly Zeal May do HarmEnglish
Genesis113Light in DarknessEnglish
Genesis40123Wag..en OnthouAfrikaans
Genesis39123Discussion on AbstinenceEnglish
Genesis21824Betekenis van Mede-menslikheidAfrikaans
Genesis181633Drawn In By God To Become His Co-workerEnglish
Genesis41157Godly InterventionEnglish
Genesis12128Jesus Kan Dit Wat Ons Vrees, Hanteer.Afrikaans
Genesis251934Families of Hurt and HealingAfrikaans
Genesis181633Deur God Nader Getrek Om 'n Medewerker Van Hom Te WordAfrikaans
Genesis2112Jesus Inspireer Tot Mede-MenslikheidAfrikaans
Genesis1131Have we forgotten our relatedness?English
Genesis12939Jesus Tree Doelgerig OpAfrikaans
Genesis1131Have we forgotten our relatedness?English
Genesis21517Sondeval in PerspektiefAfrikaans
Genesis1210People at the End of the Road in LentEnglish
Habakuk3119Saamstap met SwaarkryAfrikaans
Habakuk1500Habakuk kla God aan.Afrikaans
Hebrews10410My Ears You Have OpenedEnglish
Hebrews / Hebreers10510Die LiggaamAfrikaans
Hebrews / Hebreers10110The BodyEnglish
Hebrews / Hebreers91114Forgiven and Give Life.English
Hebrews / Hebreers121829Jesus is our Gracious MediatorEnglish
Hebrews / Hebreers5510Christus Verstaan ons Seerkry en SwaarkryAfrikaans
Hebrews / Hebreers121829Jesus is our Gracious MediatorEnglish
Hebrews / Hebreers13116Christian Love is CompassionEnglish
Hebrews / Hebreers5510Christ Understands our Pain and Suffering.English
Hebrews / Hebreers1213Sondag van Jesus die Koning.Afrikaans
Hebrews / Hebreers101114By a Single Offering, Christ did Everything that no Amount of our Offerings Could Ever DoEnglish
Hebrews / Hebreers13116Christelike Liefde is OntfermingAfrikaans
Hebrews / Hebreers121829Jesus is ons Genadige MiddelaarAfrikaans
Hosea11111God Understands our Pain and DistressEnglish
Hosea11111God Verstaan ons Hartseer en PynAfrikaans
Hosea5136Vir God is Verhoudinge Belangriker as GodsdiensAfrikaans
Hosea1112Liefde wat in God se Liefde Geanker is Kan Baie Struikelblokke OorkomAfrikaans
Hosea5136Relationships are More Important to God than ReligionEnglish
Hosea1112Love Anchored in God’s Love Can Conquer Many AdversitiesEnglish
Isaiah40111People are cryingEnglish
Isaiah5049Words of Comfort Come From Those who Truly ListenEnglish
Isaiah215How should we then live?English
Isaiah35110Waiting and workingEnglish
Isaiah431621God is our hope in difficult times.English
Isaiah618Being burning coals of graceEnglish
Isaiah4219Baptism of the Lord, First Sunday after the EpiphanyEnglish
Isaiah4917The honour and the strength of the LordEnglish
Isaiah914Basking in the LightEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja58114Why Separate What Belongs Together?English
Isaiah / Jesaja618Forgiven to be SentEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja517Wanneer Die Soet Suur WordAfrikaans
Isaiah / Jesaja11110Dreams of ShalomEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja5616All of God’s ChildrenEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja58114Waarom Wat Bymekaar Hoort, Verdeel?Afrikaans
Isaiah / Jesaja49721God’s Answer to DespairEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja58114'n Versorgende Gemeenskap Wat God In Waarheid AanbidAfrikaans
Isaiah / Jesaja58114A Caring Community, Worshipping God In TruthEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja5116Who do you say I am?English
Isaiah / Jesaja4917Called by God for the Sake of the WorldEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja401231God Gives Strength to the WeakEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja5049Take a BreathEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja6113God is Holy, High and Lifted up and Looks with LoveEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja431621Hope Knows That God Can Do New ThingsEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja618Have you heard the voice of God?English
Isaiah / Jesaja517Living Up To God's ExpectationsEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja49818A Place of HonourEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja4317Precious and Honoured in the Eyes of God.English
Isaiah / Jesaja35110Vreugde op die Derde AdventsondagAfrikaans
Isaiah / Jesaja4317Precious and Honoured in the Eyes of God.English
Isaiah / Jesaja71016Immanuel - Kersboodskap te Midde van BedreigingsAfrikaans
Isaiah / Jesaja4910Ter Wille van die Wêreld deur God Geroep.Afrikaans
Isaiah / Jesaja401231God Gee die Swakkes KragAfrikaans
Isaiah / Jesaja5049Bemoedigende Woorde Kom van Hulle wat Waarlik LuisterAfrikaans
Isaiah / Jesaja6449Hope! For we are all the Work of God’s HandEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja11018"Passing the Peace"English
Isaiah / Jesaja618Vergewe om Gestuur te WordAfrikaans
Isaiah / Jesaja431621Hoop Weet dat God Nuwe Dinge Kan DoenAfrikaans
Isaiah / Jesaja11116“Luiperds wat tussen die bokkies lê.”Afrikaans
Isaiah / Jesaja49721God se Antwoord vir Hoop-loosheidAfrikaans
Isaiah / Jesaja611011That’s not my nameEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja6113God is Heilig, op 'n Baie Hoë Troon en Gee in LiefdeAfrikaans
Isaiah / Jesaja431621Ready to be Vulnerable to God's Extravagance?English
Isaiah / Jesaja42119JUSTICE THROUGH KINDNESSEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja40110Our God is HereEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja11020Ware Aanbidding Sluit Die Beoefening Van Geregtigheid InAfrikaans
Isaiah / Jesaja11020True Worship Includes Practicing JusticeEnglish
Isaiah / Jesaja517Sweet Expectations Turned SourEnglish
James51320The Prayer DilemmaEnglish
James / Jakobus5711Die Vreugde van Geseënd WeesAfrikaans
James / Jakobus5711The Joy of Being BlessedEnglish
James / Jakobus11727Liefde van die VaderAfrikaans
James / Jakobus2113Vigs Diskrimineer nieAfrikaans
James / Jakobus3130Wysheid van BoAfrikaans
James / Jakobus51320Salf met Olie in die Naam van die HereAfrikaans
James / Jakobus1270Deeds are PraiseEnglish
James / Jakobus2117A faith that doesn't get you involved, isn't faith – it is words and nothing more than words.English
James / Jakobus31318With Wisdom of the Holy SpiritEnglish
Jeremiah1410Created with an AssignmentEnglish
Jeremiah313134Let us imagine a worldEnglish
Jeremiah / Jeremia1410Leef uit die Liefde van ChristusAfrikaans
Jeremiah / Jeremia313134God’s Firmness and Human FailureEnglish
Jeremiah / Jeremia18110We Can Trust God with Our LivesEnglish
Jeremiah / Jeremia18110Ons Kan God met ons Lewens VertrouAfrikaans
Jeremiah / Jeremia8181Wounded in the Heart by People’s WoundsEnglish
Jeremiah / Jeremia32115We Can Face Reality with HopeEnglish
Jeremiah / Jeremia8181Gewond deur Mense se WondeAfrikaans
Jeremiah / Jeremia312734Time To Build and To PlantEnglish
Jeremiah / Jeremia32115Ons kan die Werklikheid Hoopvol in die oë KykAfrikaans
Jeremiah / Jeremia312734Tyd om te Bou en te PlantAfrikaans
Jeremiah / Jeremia141722Prayer That Bridges the Gap Between “Us” and “Them”English
Jeremiah / Jeremia141722Gebed Wat Die Kloof Yussen “Ons” en “Hulle” OorbrugAfrikaans
Jeremiah / Jeremia1410Calling or Whispering? 29/01/2013English
Jeremiah / Jeremia18111Simply Start Over?English
Jeremiah / Jeremia41112We are Saved to ServeEnglish
Jeremiah / Jeremia32115Hope Keeps Us Going in AdversityEnglish
Jeremiah / Jeremia1410Jeremiah's Model of Living PositivelyEnglish
Job3817Our withness is our witness, our questions is our answerEnglish
Job38141Why Me?English
Job6627The Gap between Job and his FriendsEnglish
Job23117A Friend When Other Friends FailEnglish
Job38141Hoekom Ek?Afrikaans
Job42117Afbreek van Stigma deur die Versoening van Christus se LiefdeAfrikaans
Job2110The wise and the fool talking about sufferingEnglish
Job2319Dealing with deep heart issuesEnglish
Joel22332Hope in the face of destructionEnglish
John201931From Doubting to Doing.English
John14114Show Us the FatherEnglish
John141521Jesus Promises the Holy SpiritEnglish
John2111Unexpected RevelationEnglish
John31421God’s great LoveEnglish
John122032Dying in Order to LiveEnglish
John15917Encounters of Love.English
John1112Let us be LightEnglish
John21119Is Your Love Unconditional?English
John102230My sheep listen to My voice.English
John133135Why Is Loving So Hard and Judging So Easy?English
John142329Calm our Troubled and Fearful Hearts Amidst Existential ChallengesEnglish
John172023The Open Arm Unity between Believers is Christ’s Invitation to the World.English
John161215The place of the Holy Spirit in the TrinityEnglish
John3117Give me insight!English
John4542Life giving faith eyesEnglish
John9114Confronting Sin in the Presence of ChristEnglish
John / Johannes201931Lost Hope and EasterEnglish
John / Johannes13542Exposing People to the Lamb of GodEnglish
John / Johannes20118Hope for a Broken World on Easter SundayAfrikaans
John / Johannes62435Jesus is Besorg oor die Hele PersoonAfrikaans
John / Johannes161215The Holy DanceEnglish
John / Johannes8111Lewe en Menswaardigheid in Plaas van VerdoemingAfrikaans
John / Johannes8120Jesus se Lig Skyn in Ons Stukkende Wêreld vir Stukkende MenseAfrikaans
John / Johannes1118Between Christmas and EpiphanyEnglish
John / Johannes8120The Light of Jesus Shines in our Broken World for Broken PeopleEnglish
John / Johannes83132In Christus Vind ons Waarheid Wat Vry MaakAfrikaans
John / Johannes3160Choosing ChristEnglish
John / Johannes83132In Christ We Find the Truth That Sets Us Free.English
John / Johannes8111Life and Human Dignity in Stead of DamnationEnglish
John / Johannes15917Intimately at HomeEnglish
John / Johannes1120LabelsEnglish
John / Johannes152615Die Heilige Gees Ontbloot ons Oppervlakkige IdeesAfrikaans
John / Johannes17619Reflecting God’s glory through one’s lifeEnglish
John / Johannes201931Verlore Hoop en PaastydAfrikaans
John / Johannes20931What Will it Take?English
John / Johannes4430The Samaritan WomanEnglish
John / Johannes101118The Example of the Good ShepherdEnglish
John / Johannes4430Jesus Affirms The Human Worth And Dignity Of The MarginalisedEnglish
John / Johannes73739"Almal Wat Dors Is" - Refleksie vir VIGSherdenkingAfrikaans
John / Johannes9141Oordeel En Nie-VeroordelingAfrikaans
John / Johannes152615The Holy Spirit Reveals our Superficial ConceptionEnglish
John / Johannes9141Judgement And Non-judgmentalismEnglish
John / Johannes3117God Loves the WorldEnglish
John / Johannes11145God Calls Us From The DeadEnglish
John / Johannes14821Verlos van EensaamheidAfrikaans
John / Johannes73739"All who are thirsty" Reflections for AIDS MemorialEnglish
John / Johannes14821Delivered from LonelinessEnglish
John / Johannes20118Fasette van die PaasevangelieAfrikaans
John / Johannes6115Jesus is Concerned With Our Immediate Needs.English
John / Johannes2111What a Celebration!English
John / Johannes3117God So Loved the WorldEnglish
John / Johannes21119Betrokkenheid by die wat Nood hetAfrikaans
John / Johannes9141Messy HealingEnglish
John / Johannes6115Jesus is Besorg Oor ons Onmiddellike BehoeftesAfrikaans
John / Johannes102030God se Benoedigging en TroosAfrikaans
John / Johannes20118Accepting our vulnerabilities, can make us strong…English
John / Johannes101118Die Voorbeeld van die Goeie HerderAfrikaans
John / Johannes172026KerkeenheidAfrikaans
John / Johannes63551When Struggle Becomes OpportunityEnglish
John / Johannes3117God Het Die Wêreld LiefAfrikaans
John / Johannes3112Status en StigmaAfrikaans
John / Johannes65669Being liberatedEnglish
John / Johannes2111Voluit Lewend tot Eer van GodAfrikaans
John / Johannes2111Fully Alive to the Glory of GodEnglish
John / Johannes162533LifelineEnglish
John / Johannes53047How You Look at People in Need Indicates Whether God's Love is in Your HeartEnglish
John / Johannes62435Body or Spirit?English
John / Johannes63551'n Nuwe Lig op FrustrasieAfrikaans
John / Johannes20118Hoop vir 'n Stukkende Wêreld op PaassondagAfrikaans
John / Johannes162533ReddingstouAfrikaans
John / Johannes133135Unconditional and Uncompromising LoveEnglish
John / Johannes53047Hoe Jy na Mense se Nood Kyk, Vertel of God se LiefdeAfrikaans
Jonah / Jona3100God is Patient, Compassionate and ForgivingEnglish
Jonah / Jona3110Geleentheid om God te dienAfrikaans
Jonah / Jona3110Opportunity to Serve GodEnglish
Joshua5912Rolling away the ReproachEnglish
Joshua / Josua241418The Implications of my Choice in the Positive Response against HIV and AIDSEnglish
Joshua / Josua5912Bevry van jou SmaadAfrikaans
Judges / Rigters21123Lyn van Sonde en Lyn van GenadeAfrikaans
Judges / Rigters1131Samson and DelilahEnglish
Judges / Rigters4124Deborah, Barak and JaelEnglish
Judges / Rigters21123Line of Sin and Line of CompassionEnglish
Judges / Rigters4124Debora, Barak en JaelAfrikaans
Judges / Rigters16131Simson en DelilaAfrikaans
Lamentations / Klaagliedere116Hoop te Midde van MIV en VigsAfrikaans
Leviticus / Levitikus19118The Holiness Of Ordinary ActionsEnglish
Leviticus / Levitikus19118Die Heiligheid Van Alledaagse HandelingeAfrikaans
Luke123240Keeping the Light Burning.English
Luke146Mary’s Song: Reason for JubilationEnglish
Luke241335Which Jesus do I follow?English
Luke171119Our attitude towards gratitudeEnglish
Luke92843Sleeping in a World AwakeEnglish
Luke202738The God of the livingEnglish
Luke21519Out of Our DiscontentEnglish
Luke233343Jesus, remember me.English
Luke1319Looking for fruitEnglish
Luke24112Witnesses to hope!English
Luke710Challenge your own faithEnglish
Luke71117Public compassionEnglish
Luke7363The Depths of WorshipEnglish
Luke82639How do we identify ourselves?English
Luke95162The Samaritans in our MidstEnglish
Luke10120God at Work in Our WorldEnglish
Luke / Lukas172037Die Dag Wanneer die Seun van die Mens Verskyn.Afrikaans
Luke / Lukas5111Ontmoeting met Jesus in die WerkplekAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas12412Lyding en MossiesAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas18914Ons is Almal Mense voor GodAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas18914We are all People Before God.English
Luke / Lukas14114Living For An Audience Of OneEnglish
Luke / Lukas4113Listening, Praying and Trusting LeadersEnglish
Luke / Lukas1818Verwerping is OnregAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas7110Long-Distance HealingEnglish
Luke / Lukas14114Om Vir 'n Gehoor Van Een Te LeweAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas14113Leiers wat Luister, Bid en VertrouAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas1818Rejection is an InjusticeEnglish
Luke / Lukas3718Rejoicing in JusticeEnglish
Luke / Lukas142533Die Eise Van DissipelskapAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas73650Dis Maklik om Ander te Oordeel en Blind te Wees vir Jou Eie FouteAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas7360Extravagant love, magnanimous forgiveness!English
Luke / Lukas13945The God who sees further than we can seeEnglish
Luke / Lukas142533The Cost Of Following JesusEnglish
Luke / Lukas5111Jesus se BedieningsprogramAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas1714Stigma en StruikelblokkeAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas24152Following Jesus' ExampleEnglish
Luke / Lukas15110Worth a FeastEnglish
Luke / Lukas61726Geseënd is JulleAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas61726Genade EersteAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas15110Waardig Geag Vir 'n FeesAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas73650It is Easy to Judge Others and Be Blind to Your Own FaultsEnglish
Luke / Lukas92843The Glory of Jesus and the Greatness of GodEnglish
Luke / Lukas102537Om 'n naaste te wees, is om betrokke te wees by die nood van my naaste.Afrikaans
Luke / Lukas61726Grace FirstEnglish
Luke / Lukas102537Being a neighbor means being involved in the need of my neighborEnglish
Luke / Lukas92843Die Heerlikheid van Jesus en die Grootheid van GodAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas103842The Balance between Doing and ListeningEnglish
Luke / Lukas316Prepare the Way!English
Luke / Lukas5111Los Mares De Exclusion.Spanish
Luke / Lukas103842Marta en Maria - Balans tussen Doen en LuisterAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas11113The Lord’s PrayerEnglish
Luke / Lukas121321Money, money, money ...English
Luke / Lukas121321We are Born to Serve OthersEnglish
Luke / Lukas19110Jesus Showed Us The WayEnglish
Luke / Lukas19110Jesus Het Die Voorbeeld GestelAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas125456Reading the Signs of the TimesEnglish
Luke / Lukas62435Jesus is Concerned For the Whole PersonEnglish
Luke / Lukas202738’n Nuwe Wêreld Vir VrouensAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas202738A New Future For WomenEnglish
Luke / Lukas233343Christus die Koning is Ons Hoop!Afrikaans
Luke / Lukas233343Christ the King is our Hope!English
Luke / Lukas12638God working with us!English
Luke / Lukas17510Faith, Obedience and MercyEnglish
Luke / Lukas171119Lord, break this distance.English
Luke / Lukas1818Persistence in prayerEnglish
Luke / Lukas41421Die Doel van Jesus se BedieningAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas2456A Sacred NameEnglish
Luke / Lukas41421The Purpose of Jesus’ MinistryEnglish
Luke / Lukas19110A story of Affirmation, Inclusion and ReconciliationEnglish
Luke / Lukas42130God Loves all the People of this WorldEnglish
Luke / Lukas202738Zealous but IgnorantEnglish
Luke / Lukas42130God het al die Mense van hierdie Wêreld LiefAfrikaans
Luke / Lukas51216As jy Wil, Kan jy 'n Verskil Maak.Afrikaans
Luke / Lukas5111Meeting Jesus in the WorkplaceEnglish
Luke / Lukas233543Drenched in GraceEnglish
Luke / Lukas113752Die FariseërsAfrikaans
Mark132437Seeing signs, responding faithfullyEnglish
Mark104652What Do You Want Me to Do for You?English
Mark12939Even demons knew who Jesus isEnglish
Mark43541The storms that help us grow in faithEnglish
Mark7121God Is Concerned With What Comes From Within UsEnglish
Mark82738What it Means to Really LiveEnglish
Mark10216Receiving the Kingdom of God like a childEnglish
Mark104652Replicating the heart of Christ.English
Mark104652The obstinate blind manEnglish
Mark / Markus11420Bekering en die VigspandemieAfrikaans
Mark / Markus73137“Hearing” and “Announcing” the Message of the KingdomEnglish
Mark / Markus9210God Within Me, Transforms Me.English
Mark / Markus12128Dealing with DisruptionEnglish
Mark / Markus82738What it Means to Really LiveEnglish
Mark / Markus12939Jesus Knew why He Came.... Why are You Here?English
Mark / Markus123844Offering !English
Mark / Markus93037Who’s the Greatest and Who’s the Least?English
Mark / Markus2112Jesus Heals a ParalyticEnglish
Mark / Markus1150Have We Repented?English
Mark / Markus83138Human Nature Driven By Fear or Fear Driven by Human Nature?English
Mark / Markus104652Stubborn with HopeEnglish
Mark / Markus123844WidowsEnglish
Mark / Markus1318Suffering gives the Opportunity for new BeginningsEnglish
Mark / Markus14115Ons Fokus Op Jesus se KruiswegAfrikaans
Mark / Markus42634The Storms that Help us Grow in FaithEnglish
Mark / Markus104652Van Langs die Pad tot 'n Volgeling van JesusAfrikaans
Mark / Markus72430Die Tyd van “Kinders en Hondjies” is VerbyAfrikaans
Mark / Markus1914Jesus Identifiseer Met Ons in Ons NoodAfrikaans
Mark / Markus82738Not Ashamed of JesusEnglish
Mark / Markus82738Nie Skaam vir Jesus NieAfrikaans
Mark / Markus1915Jesus Supports Us in Our Hour of NeedEnglish
Mark / Markus52143Who Should be Told? And what?English
Mark / Markus11420Repentance and the AIDS PandemicEnglish
Mark / Markus616Define YourselfEnglish
Mark / Markus12939Jesus Acts With a Singleness of Mind.English
Mark / Markus52528The Issue of BloodEnglish
Mark / Markus104652Vergeef en Gee LeweAfrikaans
Mark / Markus133337Stay Alert and Keep WorkingEnglish
Mark / Markus2112Jesus Inspires Common HumanityEnglish
Mark / Markus11420Getting busy with His businessEnglish
Mark / Markus12128The authority of JesusEnglish
Mark / Markus93037Who is the Greatest?English
Mark / Markus52134Healing Words in the Crowd - A Reflection on TBEnglish
Mark / Markus140In need of a miracle?English
Mark / Markus11420Jesus Calling His DisciplesEnglish
Mark / Markus12128Jesus Can Handle all the Things That We Fear.English
Mark / Markus122843Hê jou Naaste Lief soos JouselfAfrikaans
Mark / Markus104652From the Side of the Road to Following JesusEnglish
Mark / Markus123844WeduweesAfrikaans
Matthew253146Do Small Things With Great LoveEnglish
Matthew93523When Healing and Compassion Are ControversialEnglish
Matthew111630Living in the unforced rhythms of GraceEnglish
Matthew13123Seek WisdomEnglish
Matthew122“…and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”).English
Matthew133152Being found by the Kingdom of heavenEnglish
Matthew141321Pain, Grief, Inadequacy and God’s AbundanceEnglish
Matthew152128To Share The Bread Or NotEnglish
Matthew5112The blessed of the household of GodEnglish
Matthew182135Forgiveness and Justice are not opposites of one anotherEnglish
Matthew20116Headhunted by God to see the lone figure in the roadEnglish
Matthew539Love without limits: Forgive, Forget and Free (release) your attacker!English
Matthew4111Our Covered-nessEnglish
Matthew223440It’s all about LoveEnglish
Matthew23112Follow Jesus Christ, our humble servant GodEnglish
Matthew251430A Different TalentEnglish
Matthew / Matteus93538Bid vir Meer WerkersAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus112530My yoke is easy and my burden is light.English
Matthew / Matteus142233The Ship We Are InEnglish
Matthew / Matteus13123Seeds of UnderstandingEnglish
Matthew / Matteus62434Kommer en KoninkrykAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus132443The GRACE and PACE of God’s Kingdom.English
Matthew / Matteus133133Mustard Seeds and YeastEnglish
Matthew / Matteus253146To Recognise the Presence of Jesus the KingEnglish
Matthew / Matteus11825Honour, the Gift and Grace in the Midst of Crisis!English
Matthew / Matteus253146Om die Teenwoordigheid van Jesus die Koning te HerkenAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus21323God Protects Everybody for His Salvation.English
Matthew / Matteus61116Basic NeedsEnglish
Matthew / Matteus182135What is the Kingdom of God like in an HIV Epidemic?English
Matthew / Matteus62434Worry and the KingdomEnglish
Matthew / Matteus31317Baptised to Fulfill all Righteousness.English
Matthew / Matteus12128Embracing SacrificeEnglish
Matthew / Matteus41223The Light of Christ Transforms ActivityEnglish
Matthew / Matteus212332Choosing DestiniesEnglish
Matthew / Matteus4111Jesus Was VersoekAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus110Jesus se OmhelsingAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus5112The Parable of Two KingdomsEnglish
Matthew / Matteus4111Jesus Was TemptedEnglish
Matthew / Matteus716VIGS en OordeelAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus51320"Prayerfully" missing out on God’s intentions.English
Matthew / Matteus212332Respectful BehaviourEnglish
Matthew / Matteus716AIDS and JudgementEnglish
Matthew / Matteus52125Being HumanEnglish
Matthew / Matteus221522Justice through Jesus’ EyesEnglish
Matthew / Matteus7714Vra, Soek en Klop, die "Goue Reël" en die Nou PoortAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus203740The “First” and the “Second” CommandmentEnglish
Matthew / Matteus2112When Jesus AppearsEnglish
Matthew / Matteus22114God’s Feast is Inclusive; Banquet Attire Provided: Come!English
Matthew / Matteus61116Basiese BehoeftesAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus53848Love Your Neighbour and Hate Your Enemy.English
Matthew / Matteus4111Right or Wrong Motivation?English
Matthew / Matteus23112Relationships in the Household of GodEnglish
Matthew / Matteus223446Love!English
Matthew / Matteus23112Courage to Speak OutEnglish
Matthew / Matteus5112Pray for God’s BlessingsEnglish
Matthew / Matteus253146Seeing Christ in the OtherEnglish
Matthew / Matteus25113Which group do you belong to?English
Matthew / Matteus7714Ask, Seek and Find; the "Golden Rule", and the Narrow wayEnglish
Matthew / Matteus28110Easter Sunday Gives Us HopeEnglish
Matthew / Matteus5112SeënAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus28110Paasfeessondag Gee Ons HoopAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus254445Chicken & Biscuits and More. AIDS Ministry and ChristianityEnglish
Matthew / Matteus261416To Love is to Choose to be Vulnerable to Man and to be Secure in ChristEnglish
Matthew / Matteus93538Pray for More WorkersEnglish
Matthew / Matteus162128Jesus is Christ – Jesus who SufferedEnglish
Matthew / Matteus21114Nederig en HeiligAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus25113Remain Ready and PreparedEnglish
Matthew / Matteus243744“Riglyne vir ’n Erediens wat op Wêreldvigsdag fokus”Afrikaans
Matthew / Matteus243744“Guidelines for a Church Service focusing on World AIDS Day”English
Matthew / Matteus21315Arise and Act Father! Arise and Act Mother! Arise and Act Protector!English
Matthew / Matteus13330You May Not See the Yeast but You Will See the ResultEnglish
Matthew / Matteus13330Hoewel jy Die Suurdeeg nie Sien nie, sal Jy Die Gevolge SienAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus104042Represent Christ With KindnessEnglish
Matthew / Matteus152128Dit Gaan nie Oor Rein of Onrein nie, Maar oor GeloofAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus162128Jesus is Christus – Jesus wat gely hetAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus161320The Embrace of JesusEnglish
Matthew / Matteus132430Om Met Goddelike Ywer Skoon te Maak, Kan Skadelik WeesAfrikaans
Matthew / Matteus102831We, the vessels of hope, are worthy in God’s eyesEnglish
Matthew / Matteus133133Mustard Seeds and YeastEnglish
Matthew / Matteus152128It is Not About Clean or Unclean, But About FaithEnglish
Matthew / Matteus92022Jesus Gives Honour to One in Need.English
Matthew / Matteus141321Interrupted By CompassionEnglish
Micah / Miga618'n Verhouding Met God Wat Gestalte Kry In Reg, Erbarming En Wandel Met GodAfrikaans
Micah / Miga618A Relationship With God That Results In Justice, Mercy And Walking With HimEnglish
Nahum1115Oordeel en TroosAfrikaans
Nehemiah / Nehemia8110Die WoordAfrikaans
Numbers / Numeri111016All AloneEnglish
Numbers / Numeri14154Not Only “My House and I”English
Numbers / Numeri2149In the midst of the crisis there are signs of God’English
Numbers / Numeri2149Te Midde van die Krisis is Daar Tekens van God se GenadeAfrikaans
Numbers / Numeri14145Nie net "Ek en My Huis" NieAfrikaans
Numbers / Numeri13133Oorwin Vrees met GeloofAfrikaans
Philemon / Filemon132116 Days to Change the WorldEnglish
Philippians3171Follow My ExampleEnglish
Philippians2113Is there humility in me?English
Philippians419Keeping the main thing the main thingEnglish
Philippians / Filipense447Anker jou Vreugde in die HereAfrikaans
Philippians / Filipense447Anker jou Vreugde in die HereAfrikaans
Philippians / Filipense1911Loving discernmentEnglish
Philippians / Filipense3414Wanneer God IngrypAfrikaans
Philippians / Filipense2511Herdenk die Liefde van JesusAfrikaans
Philippians / Filipense2511Dien met die Gesindheid van Jesus ChristusAfrikaans
Philippians / Filipense419Joy in the Midst of a Broken WorldEnglish
Philippians / Filipense3414Van Vals Sekuriteite na Geloof in ChristusAfrikaans
Philippians / Filipense2511Serving With The Attitude of Jesus ChristEnglish
Philippians / Filipense419Blydskap te Midde van 'n Gebroke WêreldAfrikaans
Philippians / Filipense3414From False Securities to Faith in ChristEnglish
Philippians / Filipense31721Stand Firm in the Lord , Yes You CanEnglish
Philippians / Filipense2511Serving With The Attitude of Jesus ChristEnglish
Proverbs / Spreuke311031A Person of WorthEnglish
Proverbs / Spreuke916Leef met WysheidAfrikaans
Proverbs / Spreuke916The BreadEnglish
Proverbs / Spreuke960Impoverished Confusion or Meaningful WisdomEnglish
Psalms1182The steadfast love of the LORD endures for everEnglish
Psalms85114Wanneer Geregtigheid en Trou OntmoetAfrikaans
Psalms34914I want good daysEnglish
Psalms118Declaring who the God is that we believe inEnglish
Psalms71124Our Righteous God is a Safe Haven for the WeakEnglish
Psalms13710By the rivers of BabylonEnglish
Psalms71124Our Righteous God is a Safe Haven for the WeakEnglish
Psalms119110The storehouse of our heart and how we respond to HIV and AIDSEnglish
Psalms12219Where Justice is Practiced Peace will Flourish.English
Psalms73128Spiritual StrugglesEnglish
Psalms62512Power and unfailing love belong to GodEnglish
Psalms27114When Faith Experiences the Difficulties of LifeEnglish
Psalms7116God alone sufficesEnglish
Psalms140114Die Here gee om vir Kwesbare MenseAfrikaans
Psalms9919God Is HolyEnglish
Psalms410Get Up and WalkEnglish
Psalms27114Wanneer Geloof die Moeilikhede van die Lewe ErvaarAfrikaans
Psalms91116God Beskerm en Sorg, dit Beteken nie Dat ons Onverantwoodelik Kan Wees nieAfrikaans
Psalms9919God Is HeiligAfrikaans
Psalms6318Tuiskoms en Troos “In die Heiligdom”Afrikaans
Psalms6318Arriving and Comforted in God’s SanctuaryEnglish
Psalms91116God’s Care and Protection is not a License to be IrresponsibleEnglish
Psalms32111How Wonderful to Unload that BurdenEnglish
Psalms94123Sunday of Christ the KingEnglish
Psalms30113A Song of Thanksgiving that Invites Everyone to SingEnglish
Psalms8A Little Lower than AngelsEnglish
Psalms32111Hoe Wonderlik Om Van Daardie Las Bevry Te WeesAfrikaans
Psalms140114The Lord Cares About Those who are Vulnerable.English
Psalms30113n Danklied wat Almal Nooi om Saam te SingAfrikaans
Psalms94124Sondag van Christus die KoningAfrikaans
Psalms46112God is Onder Alle Omstandighede ons ToevlugAfrikaans
Psalms86We Ask for Help: Pray!English
Psalms12219Waar Reg Beoefen Word, Groei VredeAfrikaans
Psalms13010Hope from out of the depthsEnglish
Psalms13How Long, O Lord?English
Psalms72120Pray for Peace and Righteousness and Then Put Them into PracticeEnglish
Psalms96113A Time For Singing A New Song To the LordEnglish
Psalms419God does answer when we call.English
Psalms12110Jy is nêrens veilig nie. Tog is God altyd daar!Afrikaans
Psalms27114Wait for the Lord in the Midst of Your ProblemsEnglish
Psalms23In the Shepherds footstepsEnglish
Psalms12110You are not safe anywhere. Yet God is always there!English
Psalms27114Wag op die Here te Midde van jou ProblemeAfrikaans
Psalms31916To Take Control Over Your SufferingEnglish
Psalms90117Eternity vs FrailtyEnglish
Psalms30113The Precious Gift of LifeEnglish
Psalms1193340It is God Who Preserves Life.English
Psalms2310The Sheep and the ShepherdEnglish
Psalms30113Die Kosbare Gawe Van Die LeweAfrikaans
Psalms13010“Out of the Depths”English
Psalms148God desires and deserves our praiseEnglish
Psalms1193340Dit is God wat ons Lewe BewaarAfrikaans
Psalms102129Gebed van `n HulpeloseAfrikaans
Psalms16111From Death To LifeEnglish
Psalms139118Such knowledge is too wonderful for meEnglish
Psalms85914There won’t be any more suffering in the New Heaven and EarthEnglish
Psalms84112Waar kom ons Tuis?Afrikaans
Psalms85114When Righteousness meets FaithfulnessEnglish
Psalms46112God is our Refuge for all SeasonsEnglish
Psalms149It’s Not Always Easy To Praise God’s NameEnglish
Psalms107143God’s Faithful Love Continues ForeverEnglish
Psalms2310Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil!English
Psalms107143God se Troue Liefde is Sonder EindeAfrikaans
Psalms130“Out of the Depths”English
Psalms34123The Helpless can Take HeartEnglish
Psalms34123Die wat Swaar kry, kan Moed SkepAfrikaans
Psalms139110Such Knowledge Is Too Wonderful For MeEnglish
Psalms116Fruit in Times of DroughtEnglish
Psalms96113Sing to the LORD a new song; proclaim his salvation day after day.English
Psalms68110Praying our PraiseEnglish
Psalms116Vrugte te Midde van DroogteAfrikaans
Psalms1910The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.Proverbs 1:7English
Psalms12418Like a Bird Escaping From the Hunter’s TrapEnglish
Psalms27114Yet I Have HopeEnglish
Psalms14210Pray and Live : You, Lord, are my refuge.English
Psalms12418Soos 'n Voël wat Uit die Jagter se Strik Ontsnap HetAfrikaans
Psalms8110Mere Mortals, But Dignified by GodEnglish
Psalms12412Where is God in my life? Look back and you will know.English
Psalms2510Hope for the HopelessEnglish
Psalms1350I trust in God's Steadfast LoveEnglish
Psalms8110Brose Mense, Maar Waardevol vir GodAfrikaans
Revelation / Openbaring2116A New Jerusalem for AllEnglish
Revelation / Openbaring221214The Lord is coming quickly with His RewardEnglish
Revelation / Openbaring21100Gesondheid is n Gawe uit God se handAfrikaans
Revelation / Openbaring221221Die Gees trek NaderAfrikaans
Revelation / Openbaring2118Die Belofte van 'n Nuwe Hemel en 'n Nuwe AardeAfrikaans
Revelation / Openbaring5114By Christus wat Gekruisig is en Opgestaan Het, is VredeAfrikaans
Revelation / Openbaring148Ware Vrede (Shalom) te Midde van LydingAfrikaans
Revelation / Openbaring2118Die Kerk Moet God se Liefde na ’n Stukkende Wêreld UitstraalAfrikaans
Revelation / Openbaring5114Volgelinge van die Lam in 'n Stukkende WêreldAfrikaans
Revelation / Openbaring4111Die Here is op Sy Troon in die Hemel!Afrikaans
Revelation / Openbaring31422Ywer vir God se Koninkryk te Midde van die VigspandemieAfrikaans
Revelation / Openbaring3713Oop Deur te Midde van Moeilike OmstandighedeAfrikaans
Revelation / Openbaring4111The Lord is on His Heavenly Throne!English
Revelation / Openbaring2118The Promise of a New Heaven and a New EarthEnglish
Revelation / Openbaring5114With Christ Who Was Crucified and had Risen, There is HealingEnglish
Revelation / Openbaring5114Disciples of the Lamb in a Broken WorldEnglish
Revelation / Openbaring31422Diligence for God’s kingdom in the midst of the AIDs pandemicEnglish
Revelation / Openbaring148Real Peace (shalom) in the Midst of AIDSEnglish
Revelation / Openbaring221221The Spirit Draws NearerEnglish
Revelation / Openbaring21100Health is a Gift from GodEnglish
Revelation / Openbaring148Priests who Serve God in a Broken World.English
Revelation / Openbaring3713An Open Door Under Difficult CircumstancesEnglish
Revelation / Openbaring7917A Great Multitude from Every NationEnglish
Romans41325”Faith in God is not blind or unreasonable”English
Romans10813"Deserving" Grace.English
Romans1218Living in the Presence of GodEnglish
Romans / Romeine131114Re-Dressing ‘Things’English
Romans / Romeine915Moved by compassion / Sensory compassionEnglish
Romans / Romeine10515I will not ShareEnglish
Romans / Romeine1212A Living SacrificeEnglish
Romans / Romeine880Love is an act of my willEnglish
Romans / Romeine14112Moved with compassion … or notAfrikaans
Romans / Romeine41325Geloof en HoopAfrikaans
Romans / Romeine41325Faith and HopeEnglish
Romans / Romeine4112Net die Here Het die Reg om te VeroordeelAfrikaans
Romans / Romeine61223Use Your Body to do What is RightEnglish
Romans / Romeine61223Gebruik jou Liggaam om te Doen wat Reg isAfrikaans
Romans / Romeine82227Community No Longer Lost in TranslationEnglish
Romans / Romeine41325Faith and HopeEnglish
Romans / Romeine51221Ons, wat Sondaars is Deur Adam, het die Vrye Geskenk OntvangAfrikaans
Romans / Romeine51221We, Sinners Through Adam, have Received the Free GiftEnglish
Romans / Romeine4117Faith Annuls all Reasons for BoastingEnglish
Romans / Romeine4117Geloof Kanselleer Alle Redes vir Roem.Afrikaans
Romans / Romeine10120There is No Difference.English
Romans / Romeine5111Ons Verheug ons (Roem) in die HoopAfrikaans
Romans / Romeine5111We Rejoice (Boast) in the HopeEnglish
Romans / Romeine515Triniteitsondag GebedAfrikaans
Romans / Romeine71525Christians are (Also) VulnerableAfrikaans
Romans / Romeine71525Christene is (Ook) Feilbaar en KwesbaarAfrikaans
Zechariah / Saggaria3110Deur God Uit Die Vuur GerukAfrikaans
Zechariah / Saggaria1717God Gee OmAfrikaans
Zechariah / Saggaria2113God het Wonderlike PlanneAfrikaans
Zechariah / Saggaria6915Bid vir LeiersAfrikaans
Zechariah / Saggaria1717God CaresEnglish
Zechariah / Saggaria2113God has Wonderful PlansEnglish
Zechariah / Saggaria3110Snatched From the Fire by GodEnglish
Zechariah / Saggaria6915Praying for LeadersEnglish